Consideration may be directed also by choosing a laptop that is smaller in size such as ultra portable or light weight laptops. laptop batteriesThey have smaller LCD and it uses less power. It has a hard drive that runs only about 4200 rpm which uses less power than those than run at 5400 rpm. This makes your laptop battery drain less quickly.Universal batteries for laptop use are available in different types according to the size of your laptop. A friend bought a nickel metal laptop battery which is suitable for her small size notebook. I want to buy one myself however I was advised it is not suitable for my laptop which is 16 inches. The most suitable one is the ED369 battery which is best for laptops that are 13 inches or more in size and when one uses a lot of external devices that requires more battery power.laptop batteries This battery provides 2 to 3 hours of power supply in normal conditions. Simply plug it into the AC adapter of the laptop and it is ready to use.
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Hello, do you need a website, or are you looking to redesign your current website? We, at Exionyte web studio can help you out! We are a young qualified team based in Malta that specialises in web design & web development and have been delivering top quality sites in the past 2 years for cheap and affordable prices. Our designers are skillful enough in creating unique & creative designs, making you stand out from your competitors.

At Exionyte web studio we are well aware that you might request an out-of-the-box web customisation and we can easily adapt to your requests on the fly since we use a very powerful yet flexible CMS(Content Management System). Our CMS also includes SEO(Search Engine Optimisation), Web Reports and Statistics.

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First impressions count! At Exionyte web studio we believe that your website design needs to be beautiful, simple and user-friendly. Having a well designed website will reflect a strong and powerful marketing tool for your brand. Our web design team have the skills to make that a reality by taking advantage of the latest technologies. We are continually expanding our knowledge base in new internet technologies to ensure that we are able to provide you with the best methods of website design. We are able to provide flexible designs for both companies and individuals that go beyond your expectations... read more

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A good looking website is only one part of the process. Web development integrates functionality into your site. We can integrate E-Commerce, Blogs, CMS's into any website. At Exionyte web studio we ensure that each website is developed according to the W3C standards compliant, making it search engine friendly resulting in higher page ranks on google... read more
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Do you need to improve your business profile? Are you unhappy with your page ranks on google? Or are your unsure with what keywords to market with? We can provide you with our expertise in this matter... read more

We can provide you flexible hosting packages without needing to worry about backups, maintenance and viruses/spam. At Exionyte web studio we offer various hosting packages, choose your suitable package... read more

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